Reporting Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence or Misconduct

If filing a report about a student, staff, or faculty please note:

Responsible Employees (CSU Faculty and Staff)
All CSU employees, including student employees, and volunteers are designated as Responsible Employees and are required to report any information related to incidents of sex-based discrimination, harassment, interpersonal violence, and/or retaliation disclosed to them by a student or about a student, to the Office of Title IX Programs and Gender Equity by calling (970) 491-1715. Note: it is also strongly encouraged that employees report incidents even when a student is not involved.

To speak with someone confidentially, refer to the Confidential Support section.

If filing a report as an impacted party:

Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO)
All reports of sex-based discrimination, harassment, interpersonal violence, and/or retaliation involving employees should be reported to OEO. OEO provides assistance in matters related to equal opportunity, affirmative action, and non-discrimination. Also, through investigations, this office resolves complaints of discrimination and harassment involving employees. Privacy will be maintained to the greatest extent possible while allowing the University to follow its investigation and adjudication processes.

(970) 491-5836
[email protected]

Confidential Support On-Campus

Women and Gender Advocacy Center: Victim Assistance Team (VAT)

  • Advocates are available to provide confidential crisis intervention and emotional support through the Women and Gender Advocacy Center. We provide information about academic, legal, medical, emotional, and student conduct resources to survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. We also offer support to secondary survivors, such as intimate partners, friends, family, and you. Our advocates are here to serve people, no matter how they identify.
  • The 24-hour Victim Assistance Team is available to assist survivors of interpersonal violence and their loved ones 24/7/365. Call 970-492-4242 and ask to speak with an advocate. Advocates are also available for drop-ins or scheduled appointments during business hours at 112 Student Services. All information shared with advocates is confidential unless the person is a danger to themselves, someone is in imminent danger, a child currently under 18 has been abused or if the perpetrator is currently in a position of power over minors (even if the survivor is over the age of 18).

Note: VAT is a student resource on campus, employees with concerns for a student can call and utilize VAT.

(970) 492‐4242 (24-Hour Hotline)
(970) 491‐6384 (WGAC Office)

Location for drop-in or appointment:
112 Student Services (corner of Libby Coy Way and University)
Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

Email: [email protected]

Office of the Ombudsperson
Provides conflict resolution and negotiation support and services.  All services are confidential.

(970) 491-5121

Confidential Support Off-Campus

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Provides counseling and crisis intervention services.   

(800) 497-9133
(970) 491‐1527

EAP Online Access:
*Company Web ID: CSUEAP (Use this ID to create an account)

(Note: There are 6 free Counseling sessions offered through EAP (per family member))

Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center (SAVA) 
Provides counseling and advocacy services.

970‐472‐4200 (24-Hour Rape Crisis Hotline)
970‐472‐4204 (Fort Collins Office)

Crossroads Safehouse (Domestic Violence) 
Provides counseling, crisis intervention, and advocacy services.

970-482-3502 (24-Hour Crisis Hotline)
970‐530‐2353 (Fort Collins Office)

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) 
Provides counseling by phone or online communication.

1‐800‐656‐4673 (24-Hour National Crisis Hotline)
Live Online Chat:

Non-Confidential Support

Tell Someone
Tell Someone provides you professional access to discuss mental health or safety concerns that you may have about a student or employee on campus.

(970) 491-1715