This form is for Parties who have 1) been directly/personally impacted by sexual misconduct or relationship violence involving a member of the CSU community (student, staff, faculty, volunteer, etc.) and 2) decided they would like to move forward with reporting the behavior through the University. The University process is separate from reporting information to a law enforcement agency 

 Once this form is submitted, staff in the Office of Title IX Programs and Gender Equity (TIX) will contact you (Impacted Party) within two business days to review resources and discuss next steps in the reporting process. In order to ensure your report can be addressed in a timely manner, it is imperative that you continue to check your email associated with CSU and respond promptly to calls or emails from TIX staff. Information submitted via this form does not initiate contact with the other party (Responding Party); TIX staff will contact you prior to taking further action. If you do not respond to communication from TIX staff, the University may be unable to move forward and your report may be closed.  

Anonymous reporting is not available through this form. The University may not be able to move forward with process or respond as effectively without the ability to gain additional information, therefore, your contact information is strongly encouraged.